iLikeComox: Unveiling a Jewel on Vancouver Island

iLikeComox: Unveiling a Jewel on Vancouver Island

Settled on the eastern bank of Vancouver Island, Comox is a beguiling town that offers a mix of normal magnificence, rich history, and a dynamic local area. iLikeComox is a committed stage that celebrates all that makes Comox a special and beneficial objective. This article digs into the pith of Comox, its starting points, key attractions, and the effect it has on the two inhabitants and guests.

The Genesis of iLikeComox

iLikeComox was laid out in 2015 by a gathering of nearby lovers who perceived the requirement for a complete asset devoted to exhibiting the town’s credits. The pioneers, all enthusiastic about their local area, planned to make a stage that features the best of Comox, from its staggering scenes to its widespread developments.

The name iLikeComox mirrors the organizers’ affection for their town and their craving to impart this fondness to a more extensive crowd. The stage fills in as a computerized passage, offering bits of knowledge and data that move the two local people and vacationers to investigate and value all that Comox brings to the table.

Exploring Comox: Key Attractions and Activities


Natural Beauty and Outdoor Adventures

Comox Harbour

Comox Harbor is the core of the town, offering beautiful perspectives and a center point for water-based exercises. Guests can appreciate drifting, fishing, and kayaking, or essentially loosen up by the water and take in the beautiful magnificence. The marina is a clamoring spot, especially throughout the mid year months, with various boats and yachts moored along the shore.

Goose Spit Park

Goose Spit Park is a must-visit for nature devotees. This novel spit of land gives dazzling perspectives on the Salish Ocean and the encompassing mountains. The recreation area is ideally suited for beachcombing, picnicking, and birdwatching. It likewise includes a beautiful strolling trail that offers all encompassing vistas, making it a most loved spot for picture takers and outside sweethearts.

Social and Verifiable Features

Comox Aviation based armed forces Exhibition hall

The Comox Flying corps Historical center offers an entrancing look into the town’s tactical history. Situated close to the Comox Valley Air terminal, the historical center grandstands an assortment of airplane, relics, and shows that feature the locale’s flying legacy. Guests can find out about the historical backdrop of the Canadian Aviation based armed forces and its huge job in Comox.

Filberg Legacy Cabin and Park

The Filberg Legacy Hotel and Park is a perfectly protected noteworthy site that mirrors the appeal and class of mid twentieth century engineering. The hotel is encircled by 9 sections of land of finished gardens, giving a peaceful setting to guests to investigate. The recreation area has different far-reaching developments, including the yearly Filberg Celebration, which highlights neighborhood craftsmans, music, and food.

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Local area and Way of life


Nearby Business sectors and Culinary Enjoyments

Comox is known for its energetic nearby business sectors and culinary scene. The Comox Valley Ranchers’ Market is a well known objective, offering new produce, high quality products, and nearby luxuries. Guests can test different food sources, from newly heated bread to natural vegetables, all obtained from the encompassing locale.

Celebrations and Occasions

Comox has various celebrations and occasions during the time that praise its rich culture and local area soul. The yearly Nautical Days Celebration, held in August, includes a procession, unrecorded music, and an assortment of family-accommodating exercises. Another outstanding occasion is the Comox Valley Presentation, which exhibits farming showcases, domesticated animals contests, and amusement for all ages.

The Effect of iLikeComox

Since its beginning, iLikeComox plays had a critical impact in advancing the town and upgrading its perceivability. The stage’s extensive inclusion of nearby attractions, occasions, and way of life has made it an important asset for occupants and guests the same.

Supporting The travel industry and Neighborhood Economy

By featuring the remarkable parts of Comox, iLikeComox has added to a consistent expansion in the travel industry. The itemized guides and articles draw in guests from across Canada and then some, helping the nearby economy and supporting organizations. The stage’s accentuation on nearby business sectors, caf├ęs, and facilities guarantees that travelers approach the best that Comox brings to the table.

Encouraging People Group Commitment

iLikeComox cultivates a feeling of local area by empowering occupants to take part in neighborhood occasions and drives. The stage’s intuitive elements, like discussions and web-based entertainment coordination, give a space to local people to share their encounters and interface with others. This feeling of local area is additionally fortified by the stage’s attention on praising the town’s legacy and culture.

Future Possibilities for iLikeComox


Looking forward, iLikeComox intends to keep developing and extending its contributions. Plans for the future incorporate the presentation of intelligent guides, virtual visits, and a versatile application to upgrade client experience. Also, iLikeComox is investigating associations with neighborhood organizations and the travel industry sheets to make select arrangements and bundles for guests.

As Comox proceeds to develop and create, iLikeComox stays resolved to its central goal of displaying the town’s magnificence, culture, and local area. The stage’s devotion to giving top notch content guarantees that it will stay a foundation of Comox’s computerized presence for quite a long time into the future.


Where is Comox Valley located?
Comox Valley is located on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

What is the best time to visit Comox Valley?
Comox Valley is a year-round destination. Summer is great for outdoor activities and festivals, while winter is ideal for skiing at Mount Washington. Spring and fall offer excellent conditions for hiking and exploring nature.

What are some must-see attractions in Comox Valley?
Key attractions include Mount Washington Alpine Resort, Comox Glacier, Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park, Comox Marina Park, Courtenay and District Museum, and Seal Bay Nature Park.

Are there any guided tours available in Comox Valley?
Yes, there are various guided tours available, including fossil tours at the Courtenay and District Museum, hiking tours, and wildlife watching tours.

Can I enjoy water sports in Comox Valley?
Absolutely! Comox Valley offers great opportunities for kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, and other water sports in places like Comox Lake and the Salish Sea.


iLikeComox is your gateway to discovering the enchanting Comox Valley, a destination rich in natural beauty, cultural heritage, and community spirit. From the breathtaking landscapes of Mount Washington and the serene trails of Seal Bay Nature Park to the vibrant events at Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park, Comox Valley offers a wealth of experiences for every visitor.

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