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What Kind of Accommodation Is Available in Langtang Trek?

Both first-time and seasoned hikers can find great joy in the brief and fascinating Short Langtang Valley Trek.

However, before they embark on this journey, they run into a typical query,
What Sort of Lodging Is Offered in the Langtang Trek?

In summary, you will be presented with a variety of lodging options, from basic to standard. The services available on the path vary according to altitude. The lodging becomes more rudimentary as you get higher up, such as at the Lama Hotel, Langtang Village, and Kang Jin Gompa.

Both first-time and seasoned hikers can find great joy in the brief and fascinating Langtang walk.

However, before they embark on this journey, they run into a typical query,

What Sort of Lodging Is Offered in the Langtang Trek?

In summary, you will be presented with a variety of lodging options, from basic to standard. The services available on the path vary according to altitude. The lodging becomes more rudimentary as you get higher up, such as at the Lama Hotel, Langtang Village, and Kang Jin Gompa.

Accommodation at Teahouses

You will stay in a teahouse along your trip through the Langtang region, where you will typically get meals, lodging, and several other amenities like WiFi, charging stations, and hot showers. Because of the location’s remoteness and lack of transportation, the services are also limited based on altitude.

These are the specifics of the dining areas, restrooms, and accommodations that can be found in the Langtang region at several elevations.


Lower Langtang region accommodations are typically twin rooms with an attached or detached toilet. You will have to use the shared restroom if it doesn’t. Each room will have a bed or beds with pillows, a blanket, a bedsheet, and a foam mattress. The room might also have a table and a cupboard.

You can take advantage of the typical amenities in a single room with an attached bathroom in locations like Syabrubeshi. However, the cost of these services is higher than that of the most basic lodging.
However, when you get higher up, you’ll notice that the lodging is more primitive. Twin basis rooms are typically available as well. The room will include two single beds that are furnished with cushions, blankets, and foam mattresses. You will feel like a king or queen in these apartments after a day of walking, I promise.

In the lowest parts of the Langtang Valley Trek, a single room is available. However, as you go higher, you’ll note that there are fewer teahouses, thus your chances of locating a solitary room are reduced.  You might not locate one even if you are prepared to pay more.

Toilets and Bathrooms

The bathroom is separate in the higher regions as well. Some teahouses may provide you with hot shower facilities but with an extra charge of $2-$3 in the higher regions. Though, a hot shower may be a bucket with lukewarm water. If you choose for a cold shower, it, of course, is free.

You might come across Asian “squat” style toilets or western toilets in the lower areas. It differs based on the teahouse. In addition to separate restrooms, some tea houses could also have hot showers. However, some teahouses may refer to a “hot shower” as a pail of hot water and a cup rather than the actual hot spray.

However, most commonly found in higher altitudes is a squat toilet system with a bucket of water and a mug. There might be an outside cabin with restrooms. Toilet paper could not be available there either. So, it’s a smart idea to carry toilet paper.

Dining Room

The dining rooms of almost all teahouses are great places to hang out and enjoy meals. Many hikers enjoy spending time in the dining room telling stories about their adventures or playing cards with other hikers.

There is also inside heating in the dining room. For this reason, you can appreciate unwinding in this room after a strenuous day of walking.
Some hikers may have to sleep in the dining area during busy seasons because there aren’t enough accommodations for everyone. 

Facilities in Langtang Trek

The Langtang journey may offer additional amenities in addition to rooms and restrooms.

There is no electricity in the higher parts of the hike. The teahouses in the area are powered by solar energy. You could therefore have to pay $2–$3 per hour to charge your electronic devices.
In addition, some tea establishments charge a fee for wifi access. You must pay between $2 and $3 to use the service. However, while the wifi might not always be dependable, you can purchase SIM cards and utilize data packs to access the internet while hiking. There are several locations in Kathmandu where Ncell and NTC sim cards are reasonably priced.

Types of Accommodation in Langtang Trek

The types of lodging available on the Langtang Trek vary according on altitude. The accommodations get more rudimentary as you ascend. The sorts of lodging that may be found along the 7 Days Langtang Valley Trekking trail are described here.


Nepal’s main city of Kathmandu offers a wide variety of lodging options. Depending on your budget, you can opt to stay in anything from opulent 5-star hotels to simple hostels. A night in a five-star hotel can run up to $300, while a modest hostel may only cost $3. In Kathmandu, you can locate a respectable place to stay for between $50 and $60 that can have WiFi, a hot shower, and an attached bathroom.

Due to the variety of lodging options and dining establishments in Thamel, many hikers choose to stay there. Here, you have a plethora of options to select from based on your budget. Additionally, there are lots of shops in this region where you may purchase or rent hiking equipment. Here, you can also quickly obtain your trekking permits. If you are staying in Thamel, you may easily spend the day before the walk there taking care of everything.

Additionally, the region is close to the city center, making it simple to locate a bus that will take you to Syabru Besi, where the walk begins.

Naturally, you could find Thamel congested given its popularity as a tourist and trekking destination. Additionally, you have the option of staying in locations like Durbar Marg, Boudha, etc. Additionally, there are excellent lodging alternatives in these locations.

Syabru Besi

The official starting point of your trek is Syabru Besi. You will spend the night at Syabru Besi after traveling from Kathmandu. Syabru Besi offers a range of lodging options, from budget friendly to luxurious. You can select to stay in whichever best suits your budget, ranging from $3 to $30.

Accommodations in Yak Hotel, Ok Hotel, and Yala Peak Guest House, Syabru Besi

Lama Hotel

Syabru Besi is 6-7 hours’ walk from Lama Hotel. Once you’re in the area, there are a few modest yet nice teahouses. The rooms are mostly twin basis types. The trekkers’ teahouse is usually located outside with restrooms. Additionally, there is a separate bathroom that might include a hot shower.

Accommodations in the Lama Hotel

Nice lodging facility, Sherpa Hotel and Lodge

Langtang Village

Prior to the 2015 earthquake, a lot of hikers made the decision to end in Langtang village. The lovely village offered a wide range of lodging options, from budget to luxury. The valley was also an ideal resting place for the hikers to simultaneously take in the natural beauty and the culture.

Locals moved the valley and constructed new teahouses for the hikers following the earthquake. In the new Langtang village, the teahouses are simple but cozy. The new teahouses offer minimal services, but don’t skimp on any of them.

Accommodations in Langtang Village

Hotel Red Panda, Everest Guest House, Hotel Moonlight, Buddha Guest House, Shangri La Hotel, Tashi Delek Guest House, Tibetan Guest House, Lucky Guest House, Eco Guest House, Himalayan Guest House, Sunrise Guest House, and Village View Hotel

Kang Jin Gompa

The highest point on the journey that you will reach is Kang Jin Gompa. The most basic kind of lodging is available at Kang Jin Gompa, which is located at an elevation of 3900 meters. The rooms are twin basis types in general. Also, there is a separate hut outside where you must use the shared restroom.

Accommodations in Kang Jin Gompa

Yak Hotel, Hotel Sherpa, Yeti Guest House, and Nurling Kyangjin

Accommodation Cost for Langtang Trek

The cost of lodging at the teahouses from Syabru Besi to Kang Jin Gompa has been set by the Langtang National Park officials and the people. Typically, the cost is between $5 and $10 each night.

Teahouses in the hills serve you food and lodging when you walk in the Langtang region. Thus, in most cases, the proprietors of a teahouse anticipate you to eat there if you decide to remain there. Occasionally, during off-peak hours, certain teahouses might not charge you for lodging if you dine there.

The price of lodging might increase during the busiest times of year. You might not have the opportunity to haggle over the costs because of the influx of so many hikers. The exact amount listed on the menu can be what you have to pay. However, if you can haggle, you might not have to pay the whole amount during off-seasons. In the off-season, teahouses could even give you a partial discount off the overall price.


Trekkers’ needs for lodging and food in the area are met by the several tea houses found along the Langtang Valley Trek. The Langtang region offers a variety of lodging options, from budget to luxury. The majority of the teahouses in the Langtang valley have tidy, pleasant accommodations. However, during the busiest times of year, you might run into a lot of hikers at the tea cafes. As a result, if you neglect to make a reservation, you might not even be able to get a hotel. Thus, it’s a good idea to reserve the room in advance to avoid any problems and guarantee a cozy bed and a hot dinner.

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