Ditch the Ordinary: 5 Fresh Home Decor Ideas You Need to See!

You’re here because your home needs a makeover, and you’re tired of the same old tips on the internet. Well, you’re not alone.

The interior designing industry is expected to grow by 13% in the next decade, with the specialized industry expected to grow at 20%, which further shows that people are looking for something “new.”

To help you out of this chaos, this think-piece will give you some ideas to start with. So, let’s begin!

Make greens your best friend

Did you know that adding small, potted plants and shrubs in areas like the living room or the bedroom not only adds a fresh look to it but also makes you feel better?

If you believe in feng shui, you can add specific plants in different parts of the house. For example, Jade plants are said to bring calmness and serenity to the bedroom, while snake plants are said to protect the family members from any future threats or evil energy.

You can select high-maintenance plants like peace lilies or low-maintenance plants like cacti, depending on your schedule.

Explore artworks like metal art

Metal wall art has now become very popular, especially among homeowners who desire an ornate and Victorian-themed home.

But even if you want your interiors to look chic and minimalist, metal wall panels can be a great addition. These panels can contain either geometric designs or something more intricate.

You can either communicate your requirements to your interior decorator or use plasma dxf files to build something of your own.

Alternatively, you may also wish to install metal wall art in the form of abstract paintings or molten-metal wall art that makes the metal look like ocean waves. Even small & strong metal sculptures can be installed at both sides of the main entrance.

Invest in useful technology

Today’s world depends on technology more than anything else. Just like our lives revolve around our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and television, why not add some fun electrical accessories to your home?

For example, if you see that the existing lights are nearing their maximum lifespan, consider replacing them with smart appliances that can be connected to Amazon Alexa or Siri.

You can also install cord boxes to manage and hide bunches of tangled cords. Grab a simple-looking box that can be stuffed behind the TV or cabinet.

Build a cubby cabinet

If you’re running out of space or if there’s a baby in your family, then installing a cubby cabinet can be a huge game-changer! You can look up online for some vintage inspirations.

For example, a nine-by-nine cubby cabinet can hold multiple items and make the room more inviting. If you’re installing it in the baby’s room, you can put the toys or blocks inside each box of the cabinet.

Similarly, a cubby cabinet in the living room can display small showpieces or photographs.

Decorate the backyard

Yes, the house’s interiors are important, but it’s incomplete without an appealing exterior, so you must consider revamping your outdoors as well.

For example, if your backyard hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and there are piles of dirty leaves and debris gathered, consider giving the yard a thorough cleaning. Place an inflatable pool for the children or build a small dollhouse.

Alternatively, you can also take a look at your patio and check if there’s anything you’d want to change there. A small table with some chairs in a cozy corner along with some fairy lights can give the entire patio a magical vibe!

Use fun paints for walls & floors

The world of paints has evolved so much. There are textured paints, glossy paints, matte paints, and so much more.

So, explore them, but don’t just limit yourself to painting walls. In fact, paint some floors and pair them up with vintage pieces of furniture – and it will surely transport you to the 80s European era.

Over to you…

These are some of the most cost-effective, simple, and creative ideas for your home decor.

In addition to the ideas listed above, you could install mirrors to expand the room or even create a display collage in the living room out of recycled materials.

However, if these are not enough, you can always contact a professional interior designer!

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