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How to Transfer Ownership of a Used Car

Pay no transfer fees when you extend the registration of your car for an additional year! The length of your registration may be able to be extended, depending on when it expires currently. You can avoid paying the transfer charge and avoid having to renew your license plate every 12 months if you just pay the renewal fee for a regular passenger license plate.

How to Move Your Enrollment

All you have to do is visit any AMA center as long as the registration on your previous car is still good. Just remember to bring:

  • The card you have for membership in the AMA
  • One photo ID or supporting document that has been authorized by the Alberta government
  • Evidence of ownership (original leasing agreement, bill of sale, previous car registration, will, etc.)
  • Your current Alberta liability insurance card in the name(s) that will appear on the license plate
  • If you purchased a brand-new car, the original New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) that you get from your dealer
  • If more than one name appears on the ownership document or the current registration, both signatures on the authorization form
  • The reading on your odometer (optional)

Title Transfer of a Vehicle

Obtaining a succession certificate, also known as a Family Registration Certificate (FRC), is the first stage in the process of transferring a deceased person’s automobile title. This document serves as proof that the individual making the transfer request is the dead person’s legitimate heir.

The family member must complete Form F or Form 31 and submit it to the Excise and Taxation Department after obtaining the succession certificate. The ownership of the car is transferred to the lawful heirs using the completed form and the succession document. Even though it could appear complicated, going through the right steps will guarantee a seamless and authorized transfer of the car’s ownership. Use a car financing calculator to make your calculations perfect.

Detailed Procedure

The actions to be taken for the vehicle transfer are as follows:

  • Please finish the paperwork as indicated in the section below.
  • Pay the necessary amount at the Excise & Taxation Department’s designated window in Islamabad.
  • Verify your documentation with the assigned Excise Inspector.
  • Get the receipt from the appropriate Data Entry Employee.

After Buying Procedure

Following the purchase of a used vehicle, you should always conduct the following:

Change of Title

A formal document that certifies ownership of the secondhand car is its title. You are claiming ownership of the car with it. If you purchased your used car from a private seller, you need to take care of this right away. Making sure there are no liens from the prior owner is also crucial. However, if you purchased it from a dealership, they would probably handle the proper paperwork, so you might not need to do this step.

Obtain Insurance for It

Getting the secondhand car insured is the right thing to do after handling the title transfer. After all, whether a vehicle is new or old, it is legally necessary to get auto insurance in Canada. It is advised that you obtain an insurance estimate from a reputable insurance company and obtain specifics about the coverage before finalizing the purchase of the used car you have your eye on.

Activate It

The registration of the used car is the final and most important stage.

Canada’s provinces have varying laws governing this procedure. The most important thing to remember is that you will need to produce certain documents, such as insurance, legal identification, and evidence of ownership, to get it registered. Depending on the province in which you reside, you might additionally need to pay some licensing costs.

The only thing left to do is enjoy driving your “new” secondhand car after completing the following steps!

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Current license plates

For a maximum of 14 days, you are permitted to use your current license plate and car registration on another vehicle. In addition, until you transfer the registration and license plate, you must keep your insurance and proof of ownership with you.


You and your family have finally acquired a used automobile. These days, a lot of individuals would rather purchase used cars than new ones since they can typically save a significant amount of money that way.

Not to mention that it gives consumers a lot more options in addition to helping them save money. A private seller or a used automobile dealer may have what you’re looking for.

To avoid future issues that could wind up costing you money, you must ensure that you know what to do after purchasing a used car.

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