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How to Properly Clean and Store Your Titan 440

The simplest method to maintain your paint gun’s functionality and consistently get a high-quality paint job is to clean your spray paint gun after use. It is crucial to clean your paint gun right away after using it to prevent paint from drying inside the gun or on the vital spray nozzles. If your paint gun’s paint is allowed to dry indoors, it may block the spray nozzle, accumulate paint residue over time, and eventually cease working completely.

If you are having problems with an uneven spray or paint spitting, it can also be necessary to clean your spray paint gun. You will discover many methods for cleaning a spray paint gun in this post. Since each paint gun is unique, make sure you have the following supplies and your spray paint gun handbook handy before cleaning.

Supplies for Cleaning Paint Guns:

Wear gloves—they will shield your hands from the paint you’re attempting to remove.

The toolkit that comes with your airbrush paint gun

A cleaning sponge, bottle cleansers, or a cleaning kit for spray paint guns

Trash Can

Small Bucket: in case the gun becomes soaked

First, empty the spray paint can.

Cleaning the paint can is the first step in maintaining your Titan 440. This is the appropriate place for your gloves to be worn. Just unscrew your paint gun’s paint can.

Should paint remain in the paint can, you have two options: either empty it or store it for future use.

  • Use paper towels or a sponge to remove any remaining paint from the paint container after the paint has been removed.
  • Additionally, the paint can’s screw top and lid must be cleaned.
  • After the paint has been completely removed from the can, add a half cup of paint to the can.
  • Spray the cleaner into the garbage container using the spray pistol until it runs clear.
  • After using the gun to spray the cleaner, take out the paint can again and give it another wash down with paper towels.
  • Place aside and allow to air dry.

Step 2: Take the Spray Paint Gun Apart

A spray paint gun is not too difficult to disassemble. To ensure appropriate cleaning, it’s crucial to take each item out of your spray paint gun one at a time.

  • When it comes time to reassemble the spray paint gun, you’ll be more organized if you take the parts apart one at a time.
  • In this situation, your user manual will be quite helpful if you are having trouble locating the spray paint gun parts that require disassembly.
  • Third Step: Take Out the Fluid Needle
  • Your spray paint gun’s Fluid Needle has to be removed. The needle is usually seen on the back of spray paint guns. To avoid breaking or bending the needle, you should use extra care when withdrawing it. If there is any damage to the needle, your paint gun will not function correctly.
  • Once the needle has been taken out. To keep the needle clean, use brushes.
  • Put the needle away.

Step 4: Take the Air Cap Off

Take off the paint gun’s air cap on the front. After removing the air cap, give it a thorough cleaning. Now is a good time to clean out the holes in the spray cap with the needles that came with your spray paint gun kit. Your next paint job will turn out clean and evenly if the holes in the spray cap are cleaned.

Step 5: Take the Fluid Nozzle Off

Using the Titan 440 paint sprayer gun’s included tools, select the appropriate wrench size and take out the fluid nozzle located beneath the air cap. After removing the fluid nozzle, give it another cleaning with the VertecBioTM Citrus I20 and put it aside.

Sixth step: Clean the spray paint gun.

Start with VertecBioTM Citrus I20 to rinse the spray paint gun’s body. You can now, if you’d like, soak the leftover paint gun in a bucket. After letting it soak for ten minutes, remove and clean. Holding down the paint gun’s handle will ensure that the fluid fills the entire gun and cleans the exterior and interior of the paint gun while you rinse it out.

Seventh Step: Clean the Spray Paint Gun

It’s time to give the paint gun one more wipe-down once it has been thoroughly cleaned or immersed for the recommended period. Take each piece and ensure that all of the paint has been wiped dry and that none of the pieces have any paint left on them.


It’s time to reassemble your spray paint gun after all of the parts have been cleaned. Carefully screw the fluid needle back into place first. Replace the Fluid Nozzle on the front of the spray paint gun after the needle has been reinserted. Fit the Air Cap to the front of the pistol once the fluid nozzle is installed. You are now prepared to proceed after reattaching the paint can to the spray paint gun.

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