Veronica Gutierrez: The Mother of Devin NBA Star

Veronica Gutierrez: The Mother of Devin NBA Star

Melvin and Veronica became parents to Devin on October 30, 1996, in Michigan. Despite never marrying, they collaborated in co-parenting the budding NBA player, guiding him through his formative years. Devin primarily resided with his mother in Grandville, Michigan, while his father pursued his professional basketball career, first in the NBA during the late ’90s and later overseas until 2008.

During his high school years, Devin made a significant move to Moss Point, Mississippi, to live with his father, aiming to hone his basketball prowess further. Reflecting on this pivotal decision in a 2016 interview with The Undefeated, Devin expressed deep gratitude towards his mother for entrusting him to his father’s care. Despite not spending much time together earlier on, Devin acknowledged his father’s pivotal role in his life, considering him not only as a mentor but also as one of his closest companions. Through Melvin’s guidance, Devin found inspiration and a blueprint for his own remarkable basketball journey.

Melvin and Veronica Met During the ’90s


Melvin and Veronica’s paths intertwined through Melvin’s basketball journey. Their romantic tale started during Melvin’s residency with the Excellent Rapids Mackers, a small-time b-ball group, all through the 1995-1996 Mainland B-ball Affiliation season, as detailed by The Undefeated. Charmed by one another, they manufactured an association that bloomed into a relationship. Their bond grew stronger, leading to the joyous arrival of their son, Devin, marking the start of their shared parenthood journey.

Melvin is a NBA Player

While Melvin didn’t initially find his place in the NBA draft of 1994, his determination propelled him to the big leagues through stints with various minor league teams across the United States. His advancement came during the 1995-1996 season when he at last ventured onto the NBA court, wearing the pullover for the Houston Rockets. The accompanying seasons saw him wear the shades of the Denver Chunks and the Brilliant State Heroes. However, Melvin’s NBA journey was relatively brief, spanning just 32 games.

Following his time in the NBA, Melvin ventured overseas, showcasing his skills on international courts. He took his talents to Italy, Turkey, and Russia, embracing new challenges and experiences. Despite the allure of continuing his career abroad, Melvin made the decision to retire in 2008. His choice to decline another contract year in Italy was influenced significantly by his son, Devin, whom he held as his top priority. Thus, Melvin bid farewell to his professional basketball career, returning to the United States to focus on his family and support his son’s burgeoning basketball dreams.

Veronica has two different kids


Davon, according to his Instagram profile, is a former student of Western Michigan College and at present functions as a land specialist in Arizona. Past his expert undertakings, he commits his opportunity to serve on the directorate for the Phoenix Suns Good cause.Through this role, he contributes to the organization’s mission of providing substantial support to various Arizona-based initiatives, with a focus on basketball programs, career development, education, healthcare, and recreation.

Devin’s more youthful sister, Mya, courageously faces the difficulties related with 22q11.2 erasure condition, otherwise called DiGeorge disorder. This condition hasn’t darkened her soul, and in April 2020, Devin was regarded with the title of Unique Olympics Worldwide Envoy. In a sincere explanation, Devin shared his esteem for Mya’s flexibility, recognizing both her victories and battles as an individual with scholarly handicaps. He underlined his well established inspiration got from her, offering thanks for the potential chance to be important for the Unique Olympics, an overall development committed to supporting for and commending the capacities of people with scholarly handicaps.

Melvin and Veronica were rarely hitched

Melvin and Veronica’s relationship has always been centered around their shared commitment to co-parenting Devin, despite never tying the knot. Throughout Devin’s childhood, Veronica predominantly cared for him as Melvin pursued his professional basketball career, which often took him overseas. In an interview with The Undefeated, Melvin expressed his gratitude towards Veronica, acknowledging her pivotal role in ensuring his continued connection with Devin despite the geographical distance imposed by his career.

“She did an amazing job of keeping me involved,” Melvin praised Veronica. “I owe her everything for making that possible.” Reflecting on their journey, Melvin reminisced about the special moments he shared with Devin, starting from the tender age of 8 months when they began spending summers together. These shared experiences were Melvin’s way of compensating for the time he missed while pursuing his basketball dreams abroad.

Devin moved to Mississippi as a young person to accompany his dad

When Devin reached high school, he embarked on a significant journey from Michigan to Mississippi after completing his freshman year to reside with his father. Melvin, speaking to The Undefeated, revealed the challenges in persuading his son to leave his hometown, emphasizing that the move was crucial for propelling Devin’s basketball skills to greater heights. Reflecting on this pivotal decision in a June 2015 interview with The Guardian, Melvin expressed remorse for the time he missed in Devin’s life during his own basketball pursuits in Europe.

“It wasn’t just about basketball; it was about being there as a father,” Melvin explained. “It was an opportunity to make up for lost time, to bridge the gap in our relationship, and to mentor Devin not only on the court but also off it, helping him grow into a young man.” The move, Melvin emphasized, played a significant role in shaping Devin into the exceptional player he is today.

For Devin, the relocation proved to be a “culture shock,” as he navigated the transition from Michigan to Mississippi. However, he adapted admirably, crediting his ability to acclimate to new environments to his cultural awareness and versatility.

Melvin prepared his Child in Ball

The NBA excursion of Devin Booker has profound roots in his old neighborhood of Greenery Point, Mississippi, where he gladly wore the b-ball shirt of his dad and granddad’s place of graduation, Greenery Point Secondary School. What’s considerably more exceptional is that his dad, Melvin, had the equivalent institute of matriculation as well as filled in as an associate mentor, tutor, and coach during Devin’s early stages on the court.ESPN’s report in June 2022 shed light on Melvin’s multifaceted role in his son’s life, encompassing rigorous NBA-level training routines, dietary guidance, and coaching both at school and in AAU leagues.

Reflecting on their bond, Melvin shared with ESPN, “We were inseparable, practically best friends, spending every waking moment together. I missed out on a lot of Devin’s childhood because of my overseas commitments, but whenever we were together, it was about making up for lost time.”

Despite initial apprehensions about leaving his hometown during high school, Devin’s return in December 2022 alongside his Phoenix Suns teammates to retire his high school jersey marked a poignant moment. Speaking to AZ Central, Devin reflected on the transformative journey high school had been for him, emphasizing the lessons learned in confidence and grit.

“It was a profound experience for me,” Devin remarked. “High school is where you really find yourself, where you build that confidence and resilience. Moss Point is a town built on hard work and pride, and being able to stand as a representative of this community means everything to me.”

Melvin and Veronica were with Devin when he was drafted into the NBA


Throughout Devin’s basketball journey, his parents stood steadfastly by his side, witnessing and celebrating numerous milestone moments. Just two years after proudly attending his University of Kentucky signing ceremony in 2013, Melvin and Veronica experienced the unforgettable joy of watching their son fulfill his NBA dream as the Phoenix Suns drafted him.

For Devin, reaching the NBA was a personal achievement and a testament to his father’s influence and guidance. Reflecting on his journey and the significance of following in his father’s footsteps, Devin told the outlet, “My dad always said, ‘God had a plan,’ and part of that plan was for me to make it to the NBA. He’s not living vicariously through me, but he believes that my success in the NBA surpasses anything he achieved personally.”


  • Birth and Childhood: Devin Booker was brought into the world on October 30, 1996, in Fabulous Rapids, Michigan. His folks, Melvin Booker and Veronica Gutierrez, co-nurtured him, despite the fact that he enjoyed a lot of his life as a youngster with his mom because of his dad’s expert ball vocation.
  • B-ball Vocation: Booker’s b-ball venture started to come to fruition when he moved to Greenery Point, Mississippi, to live with his dad and further his b-ball abilities during secondary school. He went to Greenery Point Secondary School, where his dad filled in as an associate mentor.
  • School Years: After secondary school, Booker played one time of school b-ball at the College of Kentucky prior to announcing for the NBA draft in 2015.
  • NBA Draft: In the 2015 NBA draft, Booker was chosen as the thirteenth in general pick by the Phoenix Suns, denoting a vital second in his vocation and satisfying his young life fantasy about playing in the NBA.
  • NBA Profession: Since joining the NBA, Booker has laid down a good foundation for himself as one of the association’s chief shooting monitors, procuring numerous Elite player determinations and accomplishing different honors all through his vocation.


Who are Devin Booker’s parents?

Devin Booker’s parents are Melvin Booker and Veronica Gutierrez. They co-parented him throughout his childhood.

Where did Devin Booker play college basketball?

Devin Booker played college basketball at the University of Kentucky for one season before declaring for the NBA draft.

What team drafted Devin Booker into the NBA?

Devin Booker was drafted into the NBA by the Phoenix Suns as the 13th overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft.

Has Devin Booker been an NBA All-Star?

Yes, Devin Booker has been selected to multiple NBA All-Star Games during his career.

What position does Devin Booker play in the NBA?

Devin Booker primarily plays as a shooting guard in the NBA, known for his scoring ability and offensive versatility.


Devin Booker’s excursion from his childhood in Michigan and Mississippi to turning into a star in the NBA is a demonstration of his ability, devotion, and the help of his loved ones. From his early stages in Greenery Direct Secondary School toward his champion exhibition at the College of Kentucky and his resulting progress in the NBA with the Phoenix Suns, Booker has made a permanent imprint on the b-ball world. With his wonderful ability to score, initiative on the court, and obligation to his specialty, Devin Booker keeps on rousing fans and hopeful competitors the same, cementing his place among the NBA’s first class players.

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