Tesla Model 3 Interior Mods – Elevate Your Driving Experience

Do you want to complement your Tesla model 3 interior to modify it to your preferred standard for driving? Are you somehow disappointed by the fact that factory settings do not have that vibe you would like to have or do not suit your purposes? If so, don’t worry you are in the right company. Virtually all Tesla owners look for ways to change or add trims that are best suited for their personality as well as usage. This article will help you understand some of the changes that can be made on the Tesla Model 3 interior mods and steps that one can take to make a car better inside out.

What Are Tesla Model 3 Interior Mods?

Tesla Model 3 interior mods mean changes you can possibly make to a car interior to make it better in terms of comfort, utility, or appearance. They include; floor mats which are very basic mods to the complicated ones such as sound systems.

Why Should You Consider Tesla Model 3 Interior Mods?

It is important to understand the strategic advantages that come with these modifications before we get into the details. Here are some compelling reasons to consider:

1. Personalization: Car interior modification affords the holder an opportunity to make his or her car uniquely suited to personality.

2. Comfort: This one is fairly obvious, extra bolstering, improved lighting, and so on can all increase the comfort of a drive.

3. Functionality: All modifications related to organizers, phone mounts, and the like will make your car more usable.

4. Resale Value: It is essential to choose mods that would enhance the likelihood of people to use your car in their preference of a car to buy.

How to Start with Tesla Model 3 Interior Mods?

Starting on the task of decorating the interior may be daunting, first of all, due to the seemingly limitless amount of choices. Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Plan Your Modifications

Assess Your Needs: Decide what you want to get out of the changes you want to make. What need do you find yourself aiming to get more of: comfort, beauty, or capability?

Set a Budget: This means that modifications can be from the least expense, costing even less than a dollar, up to being very expense, costing even hundreds of thousands of dollars. This will act as your guideline in organizing your mods and avoid overspending when you are prompted to do so.

Research: One should search for reviews or other suggestions by the other Tesla owners to find the best products.

2. Choose the Right Accessories

Floor Mats and Liners

Why: Preserve your car flooring from rubbing against the soles of shoes and other foot traffic, stains, and constant use.

What to Look For: You will find extremely well built, washable trays that possess a snap-in fitting suitable for Tesla Model 3.

Popular Options: 3D MAXpider, WeatherTech are some of the core’s signature brands.

Seat Covers

Why: Preserve the old interior and put on the modern touch.

What to Look For: Clothes that will be strong, comfortable to the skin and one that can be easily washed.

Popular Options: TAPTES, EVANNEX.

Center Console Wrap

Why: Organize your center console and add style and some protection from scratches.

What to Look For: Conductive, smooth to install, and simple to take-off vinyl wraps.

Popular Options: TeslaBros, Abstract Ocean.

Screen Protector

 Why: Prevent the getting scratches as well as fingerprints on the touch screen area.

What to Look For: The available protectors were the tempered glass kind that do not hinder the sensitivity of touch inputs and are also easy to fit on the device.

Popular Options: Spigen, Film are a few of them.

Interior Lighting

Why: Make your car interior stand out and enhance lighting, if used at night.

What to Look For: LED lights that are convenient to use and can be adjusted to different.

Popular Options: Basenser, There is Light my Tesla.

3. Installation Tips

Follow Instructions: In most cases, each accessory is likely to have installation instructions that are rather specific. If followed strictly, you will be able to install them to the right standard.

Use the Right Tools: Certain changes may call for tools of one type or another while others may not. Make certain you have the following on hand beginning with the first step.

Take Your Time: One major problem of going through the installation process with a lot of haste is that a number of mistakes are likely to be made. Be patient, it is important that everything is done in the correct manner.


The change of the interior of Tesla Model 3 provides a good opportunity to improve the use of car and make it more comfortable and unique. When it comes down to it, by effectively mapping out your modifications, selecting the correct accessories and properly caring for your vehicle, simply put, you have a Model 3 that is perfect for you. Do not wait and begin the process of modification today and look forward to much pleasure when driving your car!

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