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Stellar Blade Lost Ark Puzzle Location and Walkthrough

Lost Ark Side Quest is a part of the Stellar Blade that you can obtain from the Mann. Finding this quest is about solving the puzzles and finding the Stellar Blade Lost Ark Puzzle Location. However, it could take you some manly hours to find the terminal location and to solve the puzzle. But if you have enough lost ark gold, you can slide your way through the location hunt like a pro. To help you progress through the investigation of the mysterious Ark-Tech Group, we have written this detailed guide on Stellar Blade Lost Ark Puzzle Location to save you time.

Stellar Blade Lost Ark Walkthrough

To begin the Lost Ark Quest in Stellar Blade, you have to interact with the Mann found near the Oracle once you have explored the Altess Levoire, which is also part of the story. In case the Mann does not offer you the quest even after completing Altess Levoire, you can try completing a couple of more side quests around the Xion to trigger it. You can always get more game coins to boost aid in your quest in the Lost Ark adventure to find the puzzle locations quicker.

Once you have received the quest from the Mann, go to the alley displaying the locked chest in the North Side of Xion to locate the rebel’s corpse. After reading the note, keep going up the alley and climb the stairs nearby to interact with the console located outside the locked gate. Beside the gate, you have to pick up and read the readable. The clue to get through the locked gate will be presented to you later on. But first, you have to find the location of the puzzle by locating the six terminals scattered around the Xion.

Stellar Blade Lost Ark Puzzle Location

Here are the Stellar Blade Lost Ark Puzzle Locations of each six sites that you have to find in the game.

First Location

The first location of the Ark Puzzle in the Xion is located near the blocked gate, right before the entrance to the alley, where you will find the dead rebel.

Second Location

The second Ark Puzzle is located near the outdoor seating of the southwestern corner. You will find this terminal near the main Xion square beside the stairs.

Third Location

The third ark puzzle terminal can be found down the main stairs at the left side wall around the way. This terminal is situated beside a closed shutter, just on the right side of the fence, with a huge gap in it.

Fourth Location

The 4th Ark Puzzle terminal is located near the alley, just on the north side of Bulletin Road. You will find this terminal situated beside some old stray chairs on the shadowy wall.

Fifth Location

To find the fifth terminal, you have to reach the stairs leading right to the Sister’s Junk. This location is right in the middle of the Xion, where the Ark Puzzle is located below the balcony while heading down the alley.

Sixth Location

The final Ark Puzzle can be found on the southern side of the Xion. This terminal is located at the left side of the shop right at the end of the valley beside the vending machine.

Once you have found all the terminal locations, the final piece of this quest is to solve the puzzle and open the door leading to the mysterious Ark in Xion. The password of the Lost Ark in Stellar Blade is Oukaer (θμkαετ). Hopefully, this guide has helped you to figure your way through the mysterious quest in the game.

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