Instagram Talks About Distribution Of Longer Reels Clips

With 200 billion reels played per day, scrolling down the feed on Instagram has become a culture for all age groups who enjoy entertainment, and information or probably love their favorite content creators. 

However, this is not for users, this is for creators, businesses, brands, and influencers who try every day to stand out and want to create a trend on a reel to grow their followers. But, what is the correct length of the reel or does a longer reel make an impact to boost your Instagram? 

Well, if your agenda is to give an instant boost to your Instagram, then you should buy Instagram followers for your profile. This regular growth on your longer reels or short clips on Instagram will keep your audience hooked to your content.

Let’s explore more about it in the next section! 

Latest Reveals: Instagram Won’t Recommend Longer Reels

Instagram has recently released updates that clarify the effect of uploading lengthier reels on your audience reach. The Instagram Creator’s Creator profile shared an informative explainer video on this subject. 

Instagram’s staff clarified that although users can upload videos over 90 seconds, these longer clips will not be recommended in the Explore or Reels Tab.

Instagram’s research indicates that users gravitate towards shorter videos on the Explore and Reels pages. This is likely why Instagram limits longer content in these categories, as it could potentially decrease overall engagement. 

Despite this, Instagram is testing longer Reel options, such as 3 to 10-minute pieces, but a full launch of these extended formats is not yet on the horizon.

Will Posting Reels Over 90 Seconds Impact Your Reach?

Well, in some cases where information adds value to the audience’s interest, they might want to see videos over 90 seconds. But when it comes to creating trends or being viral on reels, shorter clips are what creates a positive impact. 

However, longer clips don’t initially show up on the recommended section of Instagram so to begin with, create short clips and then move to longer clips if you have made your niche interested in your content. 

How Long Can Instagram Reels Be In 2024?

According to research, reels now make up 30.81% of the time people spend on the Instagram app, giving you many chances to reach new audiences and increase visibility.

As of 2024, Instagram Reels will have a 90-second maximum runtime. That allows you to create an impact and add value before the audience becomes disinterested. 

Should You Upload Longer Clips On Instagram?

Since longer videos need extremely engaging content for users to enjoy there is no guarantee they will stop again to watch more videos. Also, if they have watched once, longer videos don’t show up on suggested videos and you might lose your interested audience as well. 

So, if you really want to turn the tables and grab the attention of an untapped audience on  Instagram, post reels that are short, engaging and to the point. They will like your content, create interaction, and engagement and grow your reach. 

How To Improve The Reach Of Your Instagram Reels?

Let’s explore some growth services apart from Reel length that can support you to improve the reach of your Instagram Reels:

  1. Turning Your Reels Into An Ad

Turning your reels into an ad can boost the reach of your Instagram and increase followers. This will enhance your interaction and attract new audiences. Boosted reels can be found under the Reels menu, Stories, Explore, and Feed option. 

Boost Your Reel on Instagram by following the below pointers:

  • Step 1: Open your profile
  • Step 2: Press the reel you want to accelerate
  • Step 3: Click on Boost below the reel
  • Step 4: Complete the ad’s specifications by choosing a Goal (the desired outcomes).
  • Step 5: To complete the specifications of your advertisement, choose your audience (who you want to target), budget (how much you want to spend each day), duration (how long you want your ad to run), and goal (what results you’d expect from this ad). When you’ve finished entering these details, tap Next.
  • Step 6: With the user-friendly ”Boost reel” feature, you can confidently finish your commercial. Select it under Review your ad.

Your advertisement will be submitted for review to ensure it complies with Instagram’s ad regulations as soon as you click “Boost reel.” After it has been examined and authorized, your advertisement will start running. 

When you submit a review advertisement, you’ll receive notifications about its evaluation, approval or disapproval, and campaign conclusion in your Activity Feed.

  1. Buy Instagram Followers

This growth service is also very beneficial for expanding your account reach. Buying followers gives you speedy growth and offers you an abundance of time to focus on content quality.

However, before buying the followers, consider the following pointers carefully for the best outcomes:

  • Do the research deeply before trusting anyone.
  • Buy followers from authentic & trustworthy vendors.
  • Buy only real & genuine followers who engage with your content and provide you with organic growth.
  • Pay from the safe mode only.

Authentic followers are the social proof of your trustworthiness & credibility among your audience.


Instagram Reels provide a lot of advantages! This blog tells you why you should focus on shorter reels instead of longer ones. If you want a quick boost to your Instagram profile then shorter reels are recommended initially. 

Engaging reels reach a wider and untapped audience given your business’s much-needed spotlight that was missing, it will further enhance the visibility, reach and followers on your Instagram page. 

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