Grounding Affect Sleep and Overall Health?

How Does Grounding Affect Sleep and Overall Health?

Grounding, also called earthing, is when your skin is in direct contact with the earth’s surface. You do this by walking barefoot on the soil or grass or sleeping on a grounding mattress. It may improve your sleep or lower your stress levels. Ways earthing can affect your sleep and overall health include:

Improves Electromagnetic Regulation

The earth’s surface has many free electrons, which have a negative charge and an impact on human health. When you connect your body to the ground, the body naturally absorbs these electrons. The electrical charges of the earth then interact with the body’s electric impulses, producing positive changes in sleep and health.

During earthing, your blood also gains negative charges, which prevents the blood cells from clotting. This improves the flow of blood as well as tissue oxygenation. Better blood flow assists your body’s recovery while you sleep. It also leads to stable, restful sleep.

Without grounding, your body’s electrical charges may lose balance in the long run. This may lead to the formation of free radicals. Such molecules can cause cell damage, brittle bones, and inflammation. Inflammation also leads to unhealthy sleep patterns.

Lowers Cortisol 

Grounding while sleeping may help to lower the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. The hormone can contribute to poor sleep and insomnia. High amounts of cortisol can also cause muscle weakness, high blood pressure, and weight gain. When the earth’s electrons flow into your body, they help to balance the production of cortisol. This causes your cortisol levels to align with your body’s sleep-wake cycle. As a result, you could sleep longer.

One way to ground yourself while sleeping is by using a grounding mattress. This type of mattress consists of high-quality fabric threads, which prevent the formation of mildew and mold fungus. The conductive material of the mattress will transfer the electric charges from the ground into your body. As the planet’s electrons interact with your cortisol hormones, you might fall asleep faster.

Reduces Inflammation

The charges from the earth may help to neutralize acids in the human body that cause inflammation. Since inflammation is often accompanied by chronic pain, grounding may reduce the pain and discomfort, helping you sleep more soundly. By earthing regularly, bodies can build up a reserve of electrons. These electrons prevent the formation of harmful molecules in the body that cause inflammation and diseases.

Get a Grounding Mattress Today

Lying on a sandy beach or practicing yoga on grass may not always be the most convenient form of grounding. This is why it is recommended to get an earthing mattress, especially if you spend most of your time indoors. The electromagnetic properties of the mattress help improve your body’s electromagnetic regulation and lower your cortisol levels. It can also help to decrease inflammation. This helps your body temperature regulate, making you feel balanced throughout the year.

If you want improved sleep and less stress, a grounding mattress might be right for you. Visit a mattress store that provides grounding mattresses to learn more about your options.

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