House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets are great companions, but let’s face it, they are also a significant contributor to your homes becoming messy. Nothing beats those sweet nose kisses and funny behaviors. 85% of homes have pets, that is why Maggy Maid Indianapolis’ house cleaning services will give us some tips for housekeeping with pets. Keep on reading to know more.

Eliminate Pet Fair

It is nearly impossible for us to get rid of pet hair in our homes. But it is possible to control how much of it will hang around your floors and furniture.

One of the powerful tools used by a professional maid is the vacuum. This will be your best weapon against your pet’s fur on rugs, carpets, upholstery, etc. When you are using the vacuum, move it in multiple directions. Don’t be content with using the straight-line method. 

You can also use a rubber rake if you have one. Many maid service agencies in Los Angeles are using this to grab stray hairs that are possibly missed by the vacuum. 

Eliminate the Stains Immediately

Your pets are like toddlers. There will be times that they will be all over the place, and they will have their share of accidents, too. Be it mud from playing outside or a potty accident. All you have to do is be prepared!

A tip from a professional maid: Dealing with pet stains immediately is the key to avoiding having one. Your pet’s urine can leave unpleasant odors on your carpet. It can also permanently damage the color of your precious carpets. So it is best to deal with the stains immediately.

A towel dampened with lukewarm water is a helpful tip to clean your stained carpet. You can alternately clean it with soapy and damp towels. Continue doing the process until the stain disappears.

Don’t Buy Pet Perfume Yet!

Almost all the pet stores sell pet perfume but think about it first. Should you really need to buy one now? Well, you can consider buying it, if your pet likes to use it, too. What we can recommend is to open your windows and let the fresh air in. This is one way of eliminating odors naturally.

But some maid service companies use a homemade odor eliminator.  Simply sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda all over your carpet floors and rugs before you vacuum them. 

Some housekeeping professionals eliminate odors on your pet’s bed, toys, or clothing by washing them with vinegar. 

For strong odors that cannot be removed using these simple hacks, you may try calling a professional team like Maggy Maid Sacramento House Cleaning Services. 

Air Filters Must Be Changed

This may look like an unusual tip if your goal is to keep your pet-friendly home clean but think carefully about the purpose of your air filters at home. It traps debris, you’re right! And pet hair is considered debris, too. So, changing your air filter from time to time can help prevent the pet hair out of the air in your house. 

Need help on house cleaning with pets?

These are just some of the helpful tips given by a professional maid service company on how to keep your home pet-friendly and clean at the same time. It is understandable that you will not be able to apply these tips to your everyday cleaning life.

If you need more help and you think hiring a cleaning service company is needed for your home, contact Maggy Maid of Indianapolis House Cleaning Service today and we’ll assist you in the best way we can!

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