Handyman Hal Net Worth, Age, Education, Family, and More Info

Handyman Hal Net Worth, Age, Education, Family, and More Info

Because of his success in the home improvement market, Handyman Hal is thought to have a net worth of approximately $2 million. In addition to his successful business, he has made a lot of money through speaking engagements, TV appearances, and his successful YouTube channel. Hal embraces the results of his labor and lives a lavish lifestyle, taking advantage of his interest in travel and adventure and living in a gorgeous property in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, in spite of his hectic schedule, he values spending time with close friends and family. Handyman Hal, who is 37 years old and renowned for his depth of knowledge and proficiency in do-it-yourself and home renovation projects, is a shining example of success in entrepreneurship and internet impact.

Handyman Hal Age

Currently 37 years old, Handyman Hal was born in the US on August 17, 1983. Born into a handy family, he was exposed to tools and house renovation tasks from an early age. Hal had a natural knack for fixing things, so he started learning by himself and developed his abilities over time. He turned his love of do-it-yourself projects into a lucrative career, quickly growing from a childhood infatuation. Handyman Hal has earned a reputation for himself in the home renovation sector with perseverance and hard work, encouraging others to follow their own interests and abilities.

Handyman Hal Bio


Handyman Hal started his adventure into the field of handy work in his hometown, where he gained extensive knowledge over two decades ago. Motivated by his love, he took the risky decision to go to Los Angeles, where his abilities and knowledge quickly attracted notice. His decision to share his vast expertise on YouTube turned out to be a game-changer, as he quickly gained a sizable following of more than one million followers. His standing as an informed and personable specialist brought him invitations to speak at different gatherings and opportunities to appear on multiple TV programs and in publications. He has also written multiple books that provide advice on do-it-yourself projects and home renovation, further solidifying his reputation as a reliable expert in the industry.

Handyman Hal Education

Handyman Hal’s educational journey began with high school, where he laid the groundwork for his future pursuits. He continued his education by attending Emmanuel College to earn a Bachelor of Science degree, which prepared him for further investigation of his passions. Following his graduation from college, he went on to acquire an MBA from Charleston Southern University with a focus on organizational and leadership development. Armed with academic credentials and a thirst for knowledge, Handyman Hal ventured into a pastoral career at The Refuge Church in Murrells Inlet, where he dedicated himself to serving his community and nurturing spiritual growth.

Handyman Hal Family


Handyman Hal’s personal life reflects his commitment to family and happiness. He is happily married to his wife, Heather Hal, with whom he shares a strong bond and mutual support. Together, they are proud parents to two wonderful children named Elsie and Marla Goins, who bring joy and fulfillment to their lives. As a devoted family man, Handyman Hal cherishes the moments spent with his loved ones, prioritizing their well-being and creating lasting memories together.

Facts about Handyman Hal:

  • Pioneering Excursion: Jack of all trades Hal began his profession as a jack of all trades in his old neighborhood prior to moving to Los Angeles to seek after his energy further.
  • YouTube Achievement: Through sharing his skill on YouTube, Jack of all trades Hal has amassed a significant following of more than 1 million endorsers, making him an unmistakable figure in the Do-It-Yourself people group.
  • Total assets: His total assets is assessed to be around $2 million, originating from his effective home improvement business, talking commitment, TV appearances, and YouTube channel.
  • Instructive Foundation: Hal sought after advanced education, getting a Four-year certification in scientific studies certification from Emmanuel School and an MBA in hierarchical and administration improvement from Charleston Southern College.
  • Everyday Life: Jack of all trades Hal is joyfully hitched to his significant other, Heather Hal, and they are glad guardians to two kids, Elsie and Marla Goins, underlining the significance of family in his life.

FAQs about Handyman Hal

How did Handyman Hal start his career?

Handyman Hal began his career as a local handyman before expanding his reach to Los Angeles, where his expertise gained recognition.

What is the key to Handyman Hal’s success?

Handyman Hal’s success stems from his dedication to his craft, sharing valuable knowledge through various platforms, and staying true to his passion for home improvement.

How does Handyman Hal balance his professional and personal life?

Despite his busy schedule, Handyman Hal prioritizes quality time with his family, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

What are some of Handyman Hal’s notable achievements?

Handyman Hal has achieved success through his thriving home improvement business, speaking engagements, television appearances, and the establishment of a successful YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers.


Handyman Hal’s rise from a neighborhood handyman to a well-known personality in the home renovation sector is evidence of his enthusiasm, commitment, and spirit of entrepreneurship. By showcasing his skills on other websites, like as YouTube, he has gained a sizable fan base and encouraged a great number of people to take on their own do-it-yourself projects with confidence. Handyman Hal continues to have a profound influence on people around him, inspiring and empowering others in the home repair industry with his unwavering dedication to perfection and strong emphasis on family values.

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