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Guide To Get 100 Google Reviews For Small Business

Are you a small business owner or start-up who wishes to get more Google Reviews but figuring out how to get the job done quickly within the budget? Worry not! 

Well, you can get more Google reviews and one of the quickest ways is to buy Google reviews. This blog will give insight on how to gain more Google reviews to strengthen your business reputation.

Nowadays, every person checks Google reviews before making a purchase decision of any product or service. Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, Google reviews work as your first impression on customers. 

Learn more about how small businesses can get 100 reviews for their business & what other factors are required for obtaining a Google review, read further.

Requirements To Initiate The Process Of Obtaining Google Reviews

If you understand the significance of Google Review for your business credibility, you wouldn’t want to miss the below pointers:

  1. Know About Google Policies

Ensure your Google My Business page is aligned with Google policies, and follow proper rules and regulations to maintain a strong online presence. 

  1. Place Your Business On Google Maps

Listing on Google Maps will give access to your prospective consumers to reach out to you easily by navigating your business on Google Maps. 

  1. Verify Your Profile On Google My Business

To maintain authenticity and credibility in the eyes of consumers, it is important to keep a verified Google My Business page where interaction can become simple and trustworthy.  

Guide To Get 100 Google Reviews For Small Business

Understanding the impact of Google reviews and verified Business profiles on your business image and place is vital. 

Hence, follow these exclusive pointers to get more than 100 positive reviews on your business profile:

  1. First, Set Procedure For Google Rseviews

Understand & explain to your clients how to leave Google reviews on your business profile by simply following these steps:

  • Launch the company listing on Google Maps Search.
  • You may access your Google Business Profile by clicking on it.
  • Navigate down to your profile’s reviews area.
  • Click “Write a Review.
  1. Make A Google Review Link Shortcut

Make things easy for your client by creating a shortcut link to review on your websites.

  • Click the Home tab in your Google My Business account.
  • Locate the “Get your first review” or “Get more reviews” card.
  • Copied the link to your clipboard
  • Click “Share review form.”
  1. Shorten Your Link shortcut

Numerous websites exist where you can shorten and personalize your review link. 

Once you have done that, you can think about various online & offline ways to show this link to clients to increase the number of Google reviews your local business receives.

  1. Add A Google Review Link On Your Website

A customer will most likely visit your website first if they wish to write a review for your company. 

Ensure your website has a call to action button that takes them directly to the Google review page. Keep that button highlighted so it will be simple to locate.

  1. Make A Separate Google Review Page On The Website

Make a page with the existing reviews and a call to action to write a review. These entice potential clients to become ones and provide an extra push for an existing client to write a review. 

You can fill this page with text reviews, which will add a lot of keywords to your website so that Google’s crawlers can understand. It is a fantastic small-company SEO tactic.

  1. Add Review CTA In The Footer

The Google Review icon can also be a part of the footer of your website. In this manner, you won’t need to stress whether or not to add the call to action.

  1. Make A ‘Leave Us Review’ Card

This is an offline strategy where you can add shortened links to increase the number of Google reviews you receive. Make printed cards that read something like, “Please give us a review on Google! 

Your Google review assists in directing potential clients to our company. Also, we can better serve you in the future. Please spend a moment at to rate and review us. ThankYou.”

  1. Personalize Your Ask

You can ask the customer for a review in person when they visit your store, after purchase, or during a customer feedback call. 

You can explain to them how clicking the link will take them review page, where they can write their experience.

  1. Simplify The Process For Customers

Not everyone knows how to give a review. So explain this process to your customers. 

Tell them they can write a review in one or two lines or add a rating. Only by making things simpler can you get more reviews.

  1.  Send Out Review Links Via Email

Email marketing is another powerful strategy for increasing Google business reviews through tailored communications or a wider campaign. 

You might be shocked to learn how satisfied clients are happy to leave reviews. You can expect a positive answer to your request if you make the process simple, quick, and straightforward.

  1.  Add A Google Review Section In Surveys

By requesting input from your clients, you demonstrate that you respect their opinions and are thinking about their best interests. 

When someone completes a survey or poll, they are already in the right frame of mind. Try to capitalize on their momentum by encouraging them to leave your company a Google review.

  1.  Ask For Google Reviews On Social Media

Social media networks are excellent for open communication and targeted advertising. Share a screenshot of your greatest review and invite clients to comment with their thoughts, along with a link to your neat Google review shortcut. 

Remind your followers they can share with someone with similar advantages of doing business with you.

  1.  Ask Your Vendors And Partners For Reviews

Though they might not be clients, partners, and vendors can vouch for the experience of regularly working with you. 

If you write a review for their company first, they might be more inclined to submit one yourself.

  1.  Respond To All Reviews

By replying to both positive & negative Google reviews, you show prospective consumers that you value their opinions and encourage them to leave their ratings. 

A negative review can be positive by quickly responding and genuinely resolving the issue.

  1.  Make An Instruction Video For Google Reviews

It may still be difficult for certain consumers to leave reviews, even with a shortcut link. 

It will be simple for them to review if they see an instruction video on how to write a Google review. Try it now!

  1.  Add A Review Link In Your Signature

One excellent approach to solicit more Google reviews without asking is to add a link to your business’s Google review in your email signature! 

Like this: Are you satisfied with [Business Name]? Write a review by clicking this link.


Having Google reviews on your business page decides your ranking and optimization. To be in front of your customers’ eyes, you need to get more reviews.

However, it is only possible to pressure some clients for quick reviews. They will take their own time. In that case, if you want to speed up your number of review processes. 

You can buy reviews on google from trustworthy sites like BuyReviewz. They provide the Google review growth service. The best part of their services is their reviews are from authentic users who have genuine & verified account that helps your business to nurture effectively.

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