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Expert Reviews of the Best Graco Homeowner Sprayers on the Market 

For any DIY project that requires an adjustable paint sprayer, the Titan Tool Paint Sprayer is the perfect choice. Even though it’s not the most portable option, the 19-pound paint sprayer can still accomplish the task because it comes with a 30-foot hose. For larger paint jobs, this is suitable equipment because it is easy to use and can spray paint directly from 1- or 5-gallon paint containers. There’s a dead simple knob to control the paint flow, and we love that you can spin it in increments of one to five to create a bespoke level.

There is only one nozzle, however you can change the paint spray patterns by rotating the nozzle. One knob made for easy adjustment, and we liked that there were no additional pieces to clean as a result. Testing this choice, we discovered that cleaning isn’t hard, but it does require effort. It could take longer to clean than to paint, but it was more a reflection of how quickly this sprayer operates.

Procedure for Testing

We evaluated nine models in our homes to determine which paint sprayers were the best. Every choice was assessed based on its functionality, appearance, and attributes.

The sprayer was first unpacked and set up for usage before testing started. Then, we utilized the sprayers while recording the kind of paint, the length of time needed for setup, painting, and cleanup, as well as other factors like comfort, evenness, and convenience of use.

We also thought about whether the paint was evenly applied, whether we could use the paint sprayers in various locations, and whether the sprayer ever sputtered or clogged as we were using each one. After testing was finished, we assessed if the pricing, considering our testing experience, was fair. 

Before You Shop, Learn These Things About Paint Sprayers: 


Remember that the weight of the paint sprayer does not include the paint that will be used in it when making your selection. Therefore, lightweight solutions like our top budget pick, the HomeRight Paint Sprayer, should be taken into consideration if you think you’ll have trouble holding a paint sprayer for a lengthy period.

Rate of Flow

The amount of paint that can pass through your sprayer in a minute is indicated by the flow rate. Larger projects may benefit from a higher flow rate, but they will also require more paint, so be sure you have enough to complete the task at hand.

Utilizing Pressure

The amount of pressure that passes through the paint sprayer is known as operating pressure, and it is expressed in PSI. The sort of paint sprayer you’re using will determine the PSI. For instance, the Graco homeowner sprayer, which is our top choice overall, is an airless type with a 3,000 PSI. On the other hand, the HomeRight Paint Sprayer—our top choice for those on a budget—has an HVLP design and runs at 450 PSI. 

Size of Spray Tip

The amount of paint that is released from the paint sprayer’s tip depends on its size. While some sprayers have several tips, others just have one. You must assess the size of your project as well as the kind of paint you are using to choose the appropriate tip size. Although some sprayers can handle thick paints, others will require the paints to be thinned. To find the application technique that best suits your needs, always consult the user guide. 

We also tested the Graco homeowner sprayer parts among other paint sprayers.

Although the Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer performed admirably in our tests, it is significantly more expensive and bulkier than the other options we tested. It might not be the most practical choice for many homeowners because it works best on larger paint jobs. 

Paint Sprayer Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless

Although the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer is more costly than the Graco Magnum Paint Sprayer—which is our top choice overall—we found little to no difference in terms of performance, quality, or convenience of use. 

ControlMax by Titan Tool: An Airless Paint Sprayer

Painting a lengthy fence or all four sides of a shed requires you to move around the area, thus the Titan Tool ControlMax Airless Paint Sprayer’s portable cart design comes in handy. As a paint sprayer, we found it to function well overall. The only drawback is that, after the paint is loaded, you have to roll the cart while lifting the paint can, which we found challenging. 


In general, the greatest paint sprayer to think about is the Graco Painter Plus Paint Sprayer. The adaptable option can handle a variety of home chores and is lightweight. We liked that there were two cleaning options and that it was simple to set up and operate. 

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